Hunting has been around for centuries, whether it be for food, sport, clothing, or just getting rid of a threat to your property. Hunting does not pertain to just one species of animal either. When you can hunt deer (whitetail and blacktail), turkey, hog, squirrel, alligator, etc… Hunting has been regulated by the Department of wildlife, fisheries, and parks to insure that the population of said hunted animals are not over hunted. Also specific seasons are set in place for each animal, as well as size and bag limit.


Horse Jumping

For many years horses have been used for transportation, work, and sport. There are rodeos, shows, races, and horse jumping competitions. There are many more sports such as hunting as well. Horse jumping is recognized as an actual sport and to some a way of life. The beauty and majesty behind the horse is amazing from their ability to be gentle to the ability to be a bucking bronco. Horses are truly an amazing force of power. DSCN0159


The wolf is a very social animal with very strong family ties. They live in packs consisting of many members and a strict social order. They hunt, sleep, and run together as one unit. They howl to communicate between their own pack members and as working to out side packs that threaten their territory, which can span for miles and miles. Their howl may be considered eerie to most but absolutely beautiful to select few.They are all around an unique animal with very a unique way of life.



While in the woods one might find that it is wise to own a 4×4 truck or suv. Almost 50% of licensed drivers on the road own a 4×4 whether they use it or not. Many of these people also drive on rough terrain, woods, or haul trailers and such. When in a position where 4×4 is needed

it is better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.

The Swap

Many have played with the concept of swapping certain engines in certain vehicles with engines from other vehicles. A popular swap is to take a V8 motor to put in the place of a 4 cylinder or V6. How ever a unique swap is that of the Dodge Charger. Pulling the Hemi V8 motor and replacing it with a Cummins turbo diesel. It is a very desired swap if you can beef up the frame enough to hold the weight.